Case Studies

Automated Powder Coating Machine

In late 2000, FORCE Manufacturing, Inc. was contacted to build an automated Powder Coating Machine for a customer with extraordinarily large back orders. They required a new high speed Powder Coating Machine as quickly as possible. Because of their immediate demand, the customer specified a high demand machine with the capability to handle a broad range of products and incorporate the latest technologies.

Due to an aggressive schedule and a bonus/penalty contract, thorough engineering of long lead time components and purchases were completed first, followed by a system integration plan, and incorporated into a final automated machine design.

A final qualification of the machine was performed five (5) weeks ahead of the deadline, demonstrating production rates, safety, and operator interface.

Powder Coating Machine – Features and Components

  • Custom vibrator bowl feeder
  • Linear parts conveyor
  • Oven loading station
  • Unload bi-axial chute
  • 12 position indexing station
  • Liquid cooled rotating spindles
  • Multi function powder coating fluid bed
  • Custom vertical lift powder auger
  • Multiple curing stations
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Integrated water circulating system with chiller
  • 2 Axis unload station
  • Unload conveyor
  • PLC with touch screen interface, including complete programing with multiple sub-routines.