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FORCE Manufacturing has successfully produced Custom Powder Coating Equipment capable of applying seamless and uniform powder coatings.

If you are an OEM or end user that is constantly sending your standard parts out for Powder Coating you probably have already considered the benefits of doing the Powder Coat Process yourself. Besides the obvious elimination of your supplier’s mark-up, you will gain control over quality and schedule by keeping your Powder Coat operation in-house.

With environmental and waste disposal concerns growing, many customers are using Powder Coatings for their parts. Whether it is to find alternatives to their existing Wet Coatings or to stop sending parts out to a generic Powder Coating vendor, the need for Powder Coating is growing. Let our experience in the Powder Coating field help you to purchase a Powder Coating Machine that will best fit your needs.

For our customers that have no previous Powder Coating experience, FORCE Manufacturing can supply a turnkey system. This machine can be fully or semi-automated depending on your needs and budget. A typical FORCE Powder Coat Machine has bulk parts loaded in one end and finished parts come out the other end. The operator enters a part number on the control panel and all parameters are set. Optional packaging, testing, and inspection equipment can be added.

We do not believe our customers need to have a background in Powder Coating in order to be successful with this process. We will show you which available Powder Coating System will meet your requirements and explain the Pros and Cons of each. These Powders will be readily available from many suppliers. We will work with you to make owning and operating a tailor made Powder Coating Machine as painless and profitable as possible.

pcm-3Unlike traditional powder coat systems that hang a part from generic hooks and convey it through a maze of operations, our custom Powder Coating Systems are designed for handling your specific parts. The FORCE Powder Coat Systems do not use the standard hooks that will normally leave an unpainted “ground” mark. This enhanced process delivers flawless coated parts that never require touch-up or additional handling.

Not only will FORCE Manufacturing evaluate your immediate needs for a Powder Coat Process, but we also assess your long term Powder Coating objectives. Our Powder Coat Machines are designed for ease of maintenance by using off the shelf components and modular designs whenever possible. In addition we provide maintenance routines and operation procedures.

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